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The book of the year? The decade? The century?

What is it?
"The Plague 2020 Collector's Edition is a new, uniquely written, photographic and historical art book depicting the pandemic of 2020. An original work from author and photographic artist, Andrew Lawrence, Los Angeles, California. It is nonfiction and features very cool photos. With its descriptive words and full color photos, this book is a true collector's item for the ages and of social, political and economic significance to future generations and future civilizations." 

Here's an excerpt:

One of the Few Positives

One of the few positives of the plague was no traffic. Prior to the plague, with a population of 4 million, the City of Los Angeles was reputed to have among the worst traffic in the world. L.A. was known as the Car Capital of the World. Thanks to the plague, and people staying home, and being unemployed, traffic was reduced to that of a small rural town. Severely congested freeways in L.A. looked like this


Los Angeles Freeway

Pandemic Art Photo of the 134 Freeway in Los Angeles, nearly empty in both directions during the morning rush hour. Photo was taken by me through the fence on the pedestrian overpass. I then artistically edited the image. This photo was featured on, which gets 20 million viewers per month.

Here's more excerpts:

Drive Thru Coffee

During the plague, even the famed Starbucks was forced to deny customers from entering and buying their coffee. Luckily, loyal coffee drinkers were able to get their caffeine via drive thru.

Pandemic art photograph of a Starbucks Drive Thru near L.A. Cars waiting in line to get their Starbucks. Even more cars were lined up in the street to the left. Photo taken by me and artistically edited for a vintage look.

No Sports

As a result of the plague, all organized sports in California and across the country were cancelled. No sports. No baseball, no soccer, no football, no basketball. No sports for all K-12, all colleges, all professional teams. Stadiums and gyms and sports fields were empty.

Photo of an empty high school football field. Los Angeles County. April 2020. Schools in Los Angeles and across the country are closed due to the coronavirus pandemic. No football practice or games. Or other sports. Or physical in-school classes.

There's many more photos in the book!

A note from the author
Andrew Lawrence 


Andrew Lawrence is the author of more 
than 20 life improvement books 

He is also an artist with over 800 
fine art photos in his portfolio 
view his portfolio

"Why did I write this book?"
I live in Los Angles. L.A. is a leading-edge city for many things, including pandemics. The pandemic of 2020 fundamentally changed L.A. and the world. I documented those changes, in words and photos. 

Why did I write this book? Why did I turn it into a cool photo book? Why is it a must-have collectors item? 

I produced this book because I wanted to share my experience with the pandemic, the plague of 2020. Yes, it was/is scary.  But the experience was also strange, weird, sometimes funny, sometimes wonderful, sometimes even beautiful. And all of that is documented in "The Plague, Los Angeles 2020 Collector's Edition". With photos taken by me. 

And, no, I am not a medical professional. I am a civilian. A "nonessential". And, like the other 300 million American civilians and 10 million LA County civilian residents and billions of "nonessentials" worldwide, I got my pandemic information, and my fear, via the media. Lots of fear. And I wanted to provide a different perspective, an artist's perception, an artist's perspective, MY perspective, of the plague, and that's why I created this collector's edition book.

Why you should buy it
It's a collector's item. An historical document. It also has the potential to greatly increase in value, depending on supply and demand. This book is an artistic photographic representation of a major event in world history, in life, in YOUR life. In the lives of everyone. The pandemic of 2020. This book contains many photographs, photographs taken by me, (I am also a photographic artist) and includes more than 30 unique full color photos relating to the pandemic, art that appears in no other book. The individual photographs included in the book sell for up to $50 separately on Fine Art America.

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The Plague 2020 Collector's Edition
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